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The choice is yours


I’ve been sewing since I was a young girl, my Dad decided I should learn to sew, primarily so I  could be his full time seamstress, ready to mend day or night. And so it was after learning to sew, that I sewed not only for him but other family members too. Some 30 years ago, I took up quilting, it is such a joy to create with fabric something that will bring happiness to others.

I’ve made and repaired numerous quilts over the years, I’ve sewed a quilt for my sisters and grandchildren, in fact I taught my son how to sew on an old Viking. The machine only sews forward, that was fun for both of us. With the economy the way it is now, I do lots of things with recycled fabrics, by taking apart an old dress or pants, I can re-use the zippers, buttons and the fabric, I will incorporate what I can into a new quilt, doll dresses, etc.

Recently I came across an unfinished quilt, it had its issues. To start with, the batting was no good, it was partially machine quilted and the other hand quilted. The quilting didn’t start in the center, all of it had to be taken apart. After some research I know what the pattern is now, when time allows I will put it together and it will be hand quilted.

The decision to hand or machine quilt is up to the quilter, I get asked that question a lot. My choice is by hand, it must have something to do with my Dad. He taught me you don’t get something for nothing, and good things come to those who wait. Hand quilting takes longer but I love the finished project, my first quilting teacher taught me how to quilt by hand, so its my first love. People who machine quilt, and I know lots of them do a fantastic job, the quilts are lovely.

I guess its the old school in me, its a labor of love and I don’t do it in a hurry. Like a pot of soup, that has to simmer for hours, a quilt has to cover all the bases. My quilts to me are passing on a legacy of love that will keep loved ones warm now and forever.