Monthly Archives: March 2013

Is it Spring yet


My creative muse is talking back to me, actually its more like yelling. Hurry up Spring, so much depends on the weather. Whether or not I walk my dogs, whether or not I choose to do the laundry, it goes on and on. however when it comes to my passion and I have more than one, I depend on the sunshine, the fresh air. Its often hard for me to get started when its so dreary outside. C’mon Sunshine already.

I’ve gotten used to the long winter at this point. My creative muse is talking back at me again, saying come along now you can do it. I’m trying to stay focused, really I am. There are cats to chase, birds to visit and Grandmas needing my help  in their busy days, but the sun that I miss continues to avoid me and the rest of the city.  Tomorrow is a new day, start fresh I say and let the pen hit the paper.

Onward and upward as they say, I’m ready to go.