Finding my self after the big thrill


All I can say is Wow. On my first big trip to the quilt exhibit in New York, I still jerk when I realize that I made it as a finalist, did I do that.

It’s all true, now I’ve been to New York, I stood with others who were also winners, it was so exciting. To know a million people will see my quilt is amazing. I’ve been a quilter for many years, I’ve just always enjoyed cutting up fabric and sewing it back together again. That was enough for me, until I read in the magazine,(American Patchwork and Quilting) that there was a competition.

Not only was it a competition, but it involved trains, I love trains. My father drove a train. I would enter this competition in honor of my Dad. And so it was. When I heard I was a finalist in the first round I was blown away. It was all I could think about. When I received the

mail that said I was a finalist and my quilt would be hanging on display in the Grand Central Terminal I knew I had to go. What an exciting time it was, so inspiring to see it, to know that it was my creation. All the hours and the hard work that went into it had paid off.

To be a part of this competition does inspire me to do great things, and it has already begun. I made a beautiful quilt for a veteran in the Army. I haven’t met this man yet, but I do hope to some day when he comes to Michigan for a visit. After a conversation with his mom, I knew that a Veteran’s Pride quilt was meant for him. Quilting seems to have a way of bringing things full circle, it makes life complete, it’s fulfilling not only to the giver but the one who is giving.

Quilts will always be a part of my life and knowing they make others happy makes them even more special.


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