Monthly Archives: April 2014

Another quilt is born


As a quilter, there is always lots to do, and not enough hours in the day. Recently I was in New York for the opening of the Grand Central Terminal quilt challenge, so much fun. That quilt took months to complete, while I was busy every day with quilt details I was also working.

A woman has got to do what she’s got to do and for me its quilting. The sheer joy that quilting brings and of course the chance to go to New York were all the inspiration I needed, so I have entered another quilt challenge, this one will come to and end this week. I only have a few more stitches to do and the binding. But wait, I’m on a roll here, I’m expecting the packet to arrive for the next challenge, and it will be all that.  The fabric is all solids, that is all I’ll say about that one for now.

But other things become a challenge, who will walk the dogs, clean the house and of course, work. Me, of course, I’ve been juggling things all my life, if you were living in my house growing up with all those siblings, you too would know how to juggle. I love my big family, as a matter of fact, a new little bundle of joy will be arriving soon for my nephew and his wife. I see another quilt in the works when the baby makes his or her appearance. I’m excited for the family, to make another quilt and my next challenge.

Life is good, today was lovely, I spent time with family and I quilted.