A quilters dream


Imagine the world is your oyster, no wait a minute. That’s another chapter, imagine you’re in the middle of a large room, coffee brewing and the hum and whir of sewing machines, lots of them. There are women, one man and lots of fabric. No, you’re not dreaming anymore Dorothy, it’s true. its the weekend of the Cameo Quilters Retreat, no meals to worry about, someone is minding the dog, you have all the quilt fabric, rulers, scissors, and more plus several dozen of your bestest friends, to quilt and sew until the wee hours and alas, get up and do it all over again the next day. A great time was had by all, lots of laughter, bonding and Chocolate.
Of course, we’re going to gossip and chatter, perhaps finish a baby quilt, or attack that large pile of UFO’s that keeps growing, but we’re having fun and enjoying one anothers company, and no rules. Wait, did I say no rules. Pardon me, there were rules, no pins in your mouth, don’t leave your rotary cutter blade exposed, don’t leave the iron unattended, simple things but important just the same.
If you unknowingly violated one of these rules, then you were to be the proud part time owner of the horse, pink balloon attached, so that your fellow quilters knew you had committed a safety violation.
All in all is was a fabulous weekend, lots of new quilts were started or finished, the UFO stash is a bit smaller and the weekend is complete. Its now over and we’re back at home ready to face a new week, hopefully with sunshine. A big, huge Thank you to the Quilt Retreat committee who made it a success and worked hard for our guild.


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