Spending time in the garden


Now that we finally have nice weather I have to divide my time with yet another of my favorite things, the garden. In my front flower

box there are lots of perrennials, every year I add a few new ones and some annuals. I put down one of those buckets of wild flower seed, I saw the little shoots peeking through the ground a few days ago.

There is a Robin free for all going on at the same time, the robins have carried away the seed and the new little shoots, and suddenly

I’ve got lots of bare spots. Well, I know they need to eat too, so have at it. I went to a local flower grower and bought a flat of petunias, they are very colorful. But the best part of that purchase, my grandchildren helped us plant them. The yard is complete with flags for the

holiday, colorful, vibrant petunias and Liv’s artwork that she painted with Grandma. It has been a nice weekend so far, even the dogs are tired. I’m tired too, but it’s a good kind of tired, the grandchildren won’t stay young forever. There is a cute one peeking at me now,

she must be looking for a snack. Perhaps tomorrow they will help plant the vegetables, Grandpa would like that.


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