Monthly Archives: June 2014

Keep the stitches moving


As I stitch on this latest challenge quilt, I ask myself isn’t there something else I should be doing.  When I was young, my

Dad was always after us to do our chores, when we were done he thought we should do more. That still follows me today.

Before I sit to write or quilt, I ask myself, did I do everything I needed to do first. That causes me to get easily side-tracked

because usually I did forget to do something. The next thing I know the day is gone, and I’m crawling into bed.

I’m trying to let things go, sorry Dad, and do what is important such as my writing, my quilting and my morning walk

with my dogs.

I find it very difficult to write if the dishes aren’t done or my birds are fussing. So I stop what I’m doing, take care of dishes and

birds, laundry, etc. Again, sorry Dad, but it’s my turn now and this novel will never get done if I keep letting you in to insist

I do the chores first.

Like Mom used to say, babies are only babies for a short while, the housework can wait and I agree. My time is too important

to let it wait. Today I will write my chapter and still have time for the other things I enjoy.