Monthly Archives: August 2014

Birds, birds, birds


A picture perfect day, the sun is shining, the cats are fat and sassy, even the dogs are smiling. I only wish it would stay this quiet on a Saturday morning. But we live in the middle of what will soon be major chaos, lots of noise and planes circling the skies. This goes on all weekend, we’re in the middle of arts, beats and eats. I’m not happy and I can speak for my flock, they aren’t either.
Some things are just not meant to be, the sanity of the neighborhood, all the extra traffic up and down all day, Who needs it, But as I was told, to make the best of it, I will. i have a day full of
activity, feed the birds, clean up after the cats, do some quilting and perhaps have time to write the next chapter of my novel.
With all the racket going on, I have to stay close to home, and as they say make the best of it.
have a blessed day.


New kids in the house


Its another busy morning, off to work, walk the dogs and take time for a bit of sewing. I’m preparing for a season of craft shows, its that time of year. While busy yesterday feeding my flock, I received a phone call about some birds who needed my help. There were two young parakeets
rescued in need of a home. At my house there is always room for one more….bird.

These two are so sweet, how could I go wrong. They were welcomed by the rest of the flock, of course. The tweet, tweet of parakeets is so enjoyable first thing in the morning, or any time of the day. The dogs are looking around, waiting to see if any tidbits might fall to the floor, they
don’t care about the birds only what lands on the floor. My cats are so contented, calm and reserved, they know they have it made, so they continue to nap in the warm sunshine.

Meanwhile breakfast is served, scrambled eggs, fresh veggies, some fruit and we’re off to the races. The tweet, tweet, a Hello, or a where you going is often heard from the birds. I’ve noticed the days are getting shorter, we will savor what mother nature has to offer of the last days of summer.
I’m off to create a quilt or two, a doll and a cat. it’s almost showtime.