Another sleepless night


All work and no play can make a person dull, but then perhaps too much work can keep the mind from winding down. It is a busy time for me right now with lots of sewing to do for friends and family. There is also lots of craft shows every weekend to keep up with. Then I have to make time to feed and walk the dogs, entertain the cats and sing along with the birds. Oh the birds, they want those fresh vegetables, fruits, a little pasta. Whatever makes them happy.
I still put my time in at work, some of us will never be retired.
With all the goings on, I find myself to wired for sleep, will it come or should I just say what the heck and get up, there is always something to do.
I have several UFO’s to complete, I could write the next chapter of my novel, or start a new one.
The cats are sleeping, the dogs are snoring, even my night owl like minded parrot has gone to sleep. Well, I’m going to take a few stitches in my quilt and perhaps we’ll chat again tomorrow.


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