Time for one more


We are already half way through December, one more day closer to Christmas but I’m not feeling it in my heart the way I should. So much rushing here and there, Black friday sales that are not necessary and the traffic, to fast and to much. The holidays aren’t like when we were kids and Mom was baking cookies and we were watching Rudolph on the tv.
But now its all changed, stores start hyping Christmas before Halloween gets here, then sales on everything from clothes to cars are hot must have items. I close my eyes and can still see my Dad tip toeing around on Christmas Eve looking for milk and Mom’s fresh baked cookies. While I reminisce, life goes on as we know it.
Saturday I have one more show for those last minute shoppers looking for one or perhaps two more items.
I have been blessed this year with family and friends, but loved ones who are not feeling well are constant reminders of how truly blessed I am and each day is a gift. While people shop and sip hot cocoa or eggnog, I will reminisce a little more. Thank goodness I have those memories to lean on, for those were the good old days when I was young.


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