Life happens


Life can change at a moment’s notice, sometimes without any warning. When life throws you a curve ball it makes one stop and think. For me I count life’s blessings every day, and I thanked God for one more day with my family, my loved ones and especially my sister. God has called her home, taken her from all the pain and suffering she had endured over the years.
She knows how much she was loved, and cared for by all who knew her, even on a bad day. For those she left behind, we will truly miss her, I’ll miss her smile, and her eyes. each time she rolled them at me if she disagreed with me.
We were sisters for a very long time, no one can fill the void she left or the ache in my heart, but I will cherish forever the memories we had, and the love of family.
I miss you already Deb, cherish our times together and never forget that you were my sister.


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