Time spent with friends


Today has been very relaxing, got my errands done early and came back home. I kicked off my shoes and went to work on a project that needs to be finished for Christmas. I’m busy mending a very
tattered quilt. In my opinion, every quilt is worth at least trying to save it. This one I’m working on needs lots of help, but I can already see that the repairs I’ve made are quite an
We all can use some improvement from time to time, I know I can. Change my attitude from good to better, change my perspective about certain situations, you get my drift. Now after losing my sister at a young age, my eyes are wide open to more of what life has to offer.
Don’t take others for granted, enjoy life and have fun. I have many quilts to complete, a house to clean, pardon me did I say clean house. Oh it has to happen sooner or later.
I must tend to my flock, the animals who are family, they think I’m Mom you know. With all that I do for them I am Mom. I often feel like my mother back then but she had lots of help. Its at the holiday time when I miss my parents the most. They were the glue that held us all together, these
days we don’t spend near as much time together, everyone is so busy. Life as we know it is busy,
we work, we are parents, grandparents, we are older, and so it goes. Like the old quilt in need of
repair, so too can we mend from this loss. And we will carry on, my sister is at peace. I think
perhaps there is quilting in heaven. Be happy, my sister as I know that you are.


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