A time for reflection


Wow, it has been a year. As I sit here with my cats, the dog and my love I’m happy to bid farewell to this past year. It seems that we were able to survive the big flood, some of us were hit harder than others, we lost a lot of family possessions but we still have each other. Prior to the flood I made my second trip to New York for a conference. The first trip however was fabulous, I saw with my own eyes my Grand Central quilt hanging in the Grand Central station.
I still get chills when I think about it, that for me was quite an achievement and an experience I
will never forget. The quilt is a tribute to my Dad who worked for the railroad his whole life, I didn’t know I loved trains so much until I took a ride to see my mom when she was ill. From that moment on, I have loved everything trains. I only wish my Dad were here to share stories with, he would tell me things about trains like only my Dad could.
I look forward to the new year with lots of excitement, my plate is filling up fast. I will be speaking about my Grand Central quilt, writing and life with my furry, feathered friends. I will be attending another conference and big news, my book will be completed soon. It has been in the works for a long time, I’m anxious to wrap it up.
Life has its many ups and downs, one of those would be the loss of my sister. She was a fighter her
whole life, she never gave up and she lived life her way. She was one of my greatest admirers and best friend. I have many fond memories of our lives growing up together and all the good times. As this year draws to a close, I think of the new memories that this coming year will bring to all of us. Have a blessed new year.


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