The Giving Plant


Today I finally got around to separating my Peace lily plant. It has been overgrown for many months, but life kept getting in the way. I have to work, No I need to write. Time goes by, I’ll do it tomorrow. Meanwhile its needing more space and I’m off to another craft show, meeting, or chasing the dogs.
Putting things off until another day is just an excuse not to get it done. I know there is a word for people like myself who do that. I know but the quilt needs to get done, dinner needs to be cooked, served, clean the kitchen, time for bed.
This is why I have two stacks of clean laundry to put away, papers to read and write the book, already. So I try not to feel guilty about the plant. But I feel guilty no more, its done. So while it really needed to be separated, there are eight plants to find the right spot for in my already, don’t tell anyone, crowded house of plants. What can I say I love plants, birds, quilts, books, stop me now. On a serious note, the Peace lily is a very lovely plant, its leaves are graceful, when in bloom the flowers are beautiful. I find it to be a calming, relaxing kind of plant. They just need lots of space, which now they have it. Anything I can do with my hands, whether its my writing, quilting or fussing with my plants, I see it as therapy. When I’m sitting in the sunny window, the plants provide the atmosphere for relaxation and getting done what I set out to do.
A bird chirping or the dog snoring is always welcome too.


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