The beauty of quilts


I love to sew, it can be a doll I’m making or a table runner for a show. But quilts and quilting are my favorite. If not for the fact I have to work to pay my way I would sew all day on a quilt.
Quilts bring so much happiness as they begin to take form in front of me, seeing all the colors as they blend. Sometimes I may only be using two colors as in my redwork quilts, but still the beauty is there. Many of my quilts can be found hanging on my walls, they are like a forever photo. I can hear my father now, he would say take it down and use it to cover up.
Some of my quilts make it to the craft shows, recently I had a customer who fell in love with a “Beatrix Potter” quilt I made. Who doesn’t love Beatrix Potter. I have in my collection a few quilts that my mother made some thirty years ago. They are the stamped embroidery kind which she enjoyed doing until the wee hours. Back then she stayed up late waiting for my Dad to return from work, she would stitch and my younger sister would play on the floor with her dolls. These quilts are priceless, because Mom made them. I used to wrap my son in them when he was little, now the grandchildren like to use them.
There have been many quilts I’ve made for new babies, some of those were sold at the shows, others
were made special to welcome a new baby in the family. I love to hear how much the parents enjoy the gift of a quilt, a treasure forever to be sure. I once overheard a comment, that sometimes the
quilts are to pretty to use so the receiver keeps it stored away. I say use the quilt, they are made and meant to be used. Quilts today are made from a variety of textures and fabrics. I have used a bit of upholstery fabrics in some of my quilts. A lot of love and time goes into making a quilt, I call it a labor of love. For example the quilt I’m restoring for a customer has been used and loved for many years, hence the need for restoring. Quilts are part of our history, family heirlooms to treasure and hand down to the next generation. For now, I’m off to do just that, take time for quilting.


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