My Big Quilt Challenge


I’ve never faced a challenge that I didn’t give my best effort to, when I say this this challenge is big, I mean it. I’ve been working for several weeks right through the holidays repairing a quilt. Let me tell you, this quilt is in the worst shape, it has been loved, torn, and then torn some more. I can’t let a quilt go to quilt heaven without first giving it my best effort at repairing it. Its what I do and who I am.
I’ve repaired other quilts, dolls, I’ve mended walls and even a few birds in my day. I’m sharing this story with you because the time has come to begin the quilting process. This is the part where anyone who knows me will call me crazy. One reason being, that I’m hand quilting this back together. Now that you are done laughing, I will begin. When I have progress to show I will post photos. This once was a beautiful quilt and its now up to me to make it beautiful once again.
Stay tuned.


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