My big quilt challenge saga continues


The cold freezing weather is sure to keep us all inside for days to come. Quilting is a great indoor project, except in my case I quilt almost daily. I’ve been working on this queen size quilt for several days now, No I’m not done yet. I’m a little shy of the half way point, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
This quilt is partially done in the flying geese pattern, the rest is long strips. I’m quilting around each piece of flying geese. That in itself takes lots of time. Because of the damage to the quilt, there are lots of what I refer to as blemishes, and bad spots. I’ve managed to quilt through or around them.
When this quilt is completed it will keep someone nice and warm. It is actually taking on a new life, simply because of the quilting. I did mention that I was hand quilting it. It is however not a very small stitch, but it is well put back together.
I’ve got many miles to go before it is complete but I’m very satisfied with how it looks so far. I knew there would be little bumps and blemishes, because of the condition it came in. None the less,
it will look wonderful.
Now its back to work, I also have to earn a paycheck, my flock needs to eat too. Stay tuned for more updates, perhaps a photo so you can see what I’ve been doing.
Be well and stay warm.


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