Writing and the joy it brings


Recently I was invited to speak at the library to talk about writing and quilting. These two subjects are my passion, there are others but for now I will focus on these. Both are art, the way in which I write, putting images down on the paper, creating the story that readers will enjoy, that will make others smile, I love that about writing.
Quilting is another art form which can take on many shapes as well as images right before your eyes. Very often I don’t know when I’m creating a piece what the end result will even look like. That is how I write and quilt, the creativity takes over and I go with it.
Ideas come from everywhere, sometimes while I’m stitching, I put the needle down and take up the pen. You might ask, does this interfere with my art or project? Yes of course it does, some days its difficult to get back to what I had been working on before my creative jolt took over.
My talk at the library went well, I hope I inspired a few to pick up the pen or perhaps take up quilting. I can’t imagine what to do without either of them.
When life is good, its very very good, so I write and share my stories with you.


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