Life is like that sometimes


With all that there is to do, sometimes life throws you a curve ball. I’ve always got my hand in several pots at the same time. I’m busy with work, I’m creating quilts, I’m a writer of many articles and books in the works. I have a family to care for, as well as my pet companions. On occasion, I like to catch up on my sleep. So when my boss was injured, I knew there would be extra hours to put in, no problem. But after a few weeks of running back and forth, I knew something had to give. I’ll be the first to admit I’m no spring chicken, at the end of the day I was exhausted. I’ve always been active, I’m off and running early most days. But I’m pooped, when I’m to tired to visit with the animals or stay awake long enough for the evening news, I have to get off the merry ground of the fast life.
So how do I do this, well let me tell you it wasn’t easy. Everyone involved thought I was leaving for good or abandoning them. That is not the case, everything else in my life was put on hold so I could meet other’s needs. Some days I barely laid in my own bed, before it was time to get back out of it, not good. I contacted a friend who I knew needed a job, she was thrilled and offered her a
position. She said yes as well as another young lady who came on board.
Thankfully I’m starting to get my life back, after all that fabric, the machine, my quilting was not going to get done by itself. I grew up in a large family so I know how to balance and juggle just about anything that comes my way, but there comes a time when we all realize we have to much to juggle. I thank God for friends and back ups to help me out, my life and routine is back the way I want and need it to be.


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