Where is Spring


Of course we all know that Spring is still a few weeks away, but we can at least think of  warmer weather. Is that to much to ask? We have been in the single digits for so long now, my achy bones are becoming resentful. That walk down the stairs to my sewing room is getting more difficult as each day passes. I need heat, this body is one day going to refuse to come out from under the covers.

My birds need me, my cats need me, but more importantly my fabric, help. My sewing room is cold, when I pick up my scissors to cut, they are cold. C’mon Spring, I need you.  I have moved half my stuff to another room to sew, but that is when my bones talk back to me, “oh no, not another trip downstairs to that cold room again,” voice.  I no sooner get warm and then I must hurry off to work.  It is starting to affect my creative juices,  its to cold to think some days.

There are better days ahead, at least we have sunshine and smiles, albeit frozen, but  there is so much to be done for the quilt show, the writers conference and I have new challenges to work on. I’m finishing up a Downton Abbey mini quilt, but also doing a quilt for the Quilt Alliance with a dog theme. I’m also working on a quilt for cancer on behalf of my sister. Some of you know I lost my sister Deb to ovarian cancer recently. I’m doing this quilt to honor her, can’t wait to see it finished. I miss you Deb, some where on that quilt will be purses for you.  Because you loved your purses, like no one else ever could. And I’m almost certain heaven is a little brighter with you there, and it’s already Spring, and a ray of sunshine.


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