Monthly Archives: March 2015

Quilting dreams


The quilt that I’ve put many long hours in to is all done but the binding. This quilt is for a competition, I have entered them in the past. They are very challenging, who doesn’t love a challenge. This one though was not easy. It takes lots of creative effort, dedication helps too.
The fabrics used were mostly batiks, with lots of embellishments, charms, threads and so on. At the time I started it, I was also working on two others, can’t waste time you know.
So now it has to be registered and then I wait. It was at this time last year I was in New York to see my beautiful Grand Central quilt hanging in Grand Central station. That was quite an honor, a once in a lifetime event that I won’t soon forget.
It was a thrill, I waited and waited for that letter or phone call to say that I had won. It was a long wait, trust me. I received the news by letter, that I was a finalist. My world started spinning, what exciting news.
I went to NY with my daughter in law, there she was in all her glory. I had the chance for photos, and to meet the other quilters. Grand Central station is a beautiful treasure, we even had a tour. What fun.
Its ironic that I’m now getting ready to send off another little part of me to share with the world. Now I just have to be patient and wait and see. No since just waiting idly though, I’m off to my sewing room to finish another quilt.
Talk soon.


Another Blessed day with Mama kitty


Well a little bit of Spring is in the air. This usually makes me want to jump up and start cleaning, but I won’t. It’s Friday and I’m visiting with Mama kitty. She needs me more than I need a clean house. Pets are often are best friends, I just returned from walking my dog who loves that he can finally get out for a much needed stroll. Some of my pet friends are like me getting up their in age and we need to look out for each other. That same person who likes to go overboard on the feedings is back at it again, only this time its the fish.
Now I ask you, how do you make a fish fat, well you don’t. But by adding to much food you muddy the water, to much food that the fish can’t consume it all ends up as waste, which causes problems in the tank. Now its that new parent syndrome again, I feel inadequate. Standing in line at the counter in the fish store, I’m told everything that is wrong in the tank. Don’t point your finger at me, I say. This is the culprit, the same one who made my dog to fat to move, and Tiny Tillie is no longer tiny. There is no point in writing it down, he won’t read it. He already knows it all.
If he wants to go overboard, he could leave a few extra dollars in my wallet to go shopping, he could offer to clean the kitchen more than once a week, I mean really clean the kitchen.
Then he could offer to vacuum, but only when I’m not home. He’s to thorough, I mean he takes to long, and the vacuum is noisy. But thinking of Spring, I’m glad its almost here so I can enjoy walking my dogs, and have windows open again.
Spring is like a new beginning after a long cold winter, I don’t have to fight with all the heavy sweaters and boots. Now I will continue with my latest quilt project, its for a competition that I’m excited about. Lots of good things happening, just bring on the sunshine. The birds are chirping, it must be time to get to work.

Visiting with Mama kitty


We all have friends, girl friends, boy friends, church friends. I even have quilting friends, lots of them. They are my go to friends, we share fabric, buttons, scraps and stories. We share stories about love and loss and a broken heart or two. I don’t know what I would do without my friends from near and far. But one of my bestest, did I say that right is Mama Kitty. I tell her everything, she listens patiently, I know she understands and she stays by my side faithfully every day when I come home from work.
Mama Kitty has been getting weekly iv treatments because like me she is a senior kitty. She takes it all in stride, she never complains and she knows she is loved. Mama has been my best friend for some fourteen years now, she came to me about to give birth, she had five kittens. Her tiny little frame had five babies, who knew. To this day Mama still has a tiny body, but a heart as big as the moon. She has the sweetest personality, when she is not at my side she is laying in the sun, the
warm rays streaming across her face.
I referred to Mama and I as seniors, we are growing old together, except there are days when I feel that I to have lived nine lives, my achy, creaky bones not wanting to move an inch. But together we carry on. She even helps me with my quilting, offering to lay on it while I stitch. She is quite a treasure, one I hope will be with me for a long time.