Quilting dreams


The quilt that I’ve put many long hours in to is all done but the binding. This quilt is for a competition, I have entered them in the past. They are very challenging, who doesn’t love a challenge. This one though was not easy. It takes lots of creative effort, dedication helps too.
The fabrics used were mostly batiks, with lots of embellishments, charms, threads and so on. At the time I started it, I was also working on two others, can’t waste time you know.
So now it has to be registered and then I wait. It was at this time last year I was in New York to see my beautiful Grand Central quilt hanging in Grand Central station. That was quite an honor, a once in a lifetime event that I won’t soon forget.
It was a thrill, I waited and waited for that letter or phone call to say that I had won. It was a long wait, trust me. I received the news by letter, that I was a finalist. My world started spinning, what exciting news.
I went to NY with my daughter in law, there she was in all her glory. I had the chance for photos, and to meet the other quilters. Grand Central station is a beautiful treasure, we even had a tour. What fun.
Its ironic that I’m now getting ready to send off another little part of me to share with the world. Now I just have to be patient and wait and see. No since just waiting idly though, I’m off to my sewing room to finish another quilt.
Talk soon.


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