Monthly Archives: July 2015

Being a writer is the hardest job I’ll ever do


Some say “oh you’re a writer.”  I want to be a writer, oh that must be easy.”  You’ve got it all wrong, I say.  One must have the dedication, the passion to be a writer. It takes drive, it takes devotion, and knowing when to miss the party because you have to write. If you have a day job, I find it much more difficult to get it done after being at work all day, I’ve got the tired mind syndrome.

So this is where you buckle down, stick your self in the chair turn out the noise and get it done.  Writing is hard work, but it to me is so rewarding. Building stories, characters from out of your head on to the paper is good stuff.  For me there are a million little characters in my head that all want my attention at the same time, its like pick me….. no pick me.

I love my writing, its just when someone says oh I want to be a writer, they are usually clueless. Once the story idea begins to build, then you can go anywhere you want with it, I often take it with me to work on in my spare time, but that too can be distracting. I’ve done many jobs over the years, some were great, but I love this one, because I did it myself from nothing and it is so rewarding that it doesn’t feel like work.  Love what you do and you’ll always be happy.