Paying it forward


Last year I was a speaker at our DWW writers conference, it was a great day. My topic was building your character, fleshing it out. Those in attendance seemed to enjoy the workshop, I know I did. Writing is hard work, especially when you balance it with work, life and other interests.

Writers are good people, we are like all of you, some of us just have many facets to our thought processes, you know two or three, sometimes ten characters in our heads. Don’t get me wrong, that is the life of a writer.  For me, I’m not complaining, its another day just hoping I can get them all down on the paper.  There might be three children talking at once, the cat whispers and I’m creating a dialogue between two women.

It is real.

But oh so entertaining, my only thing is not enough hours in the day.  Some days those characters just have to wait their turn. Meanwhile I go to work, walk the dogs and cater to those who need me.  I must say that the conference was a foot in the door to just one of many doors to open for me in the months to come.


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