Remembering Mom


Time passes by, days turn into weeks, the next thing you know five whole years have gone by. I still miss your face, your smile like it was yesterday and I was saying good bye after the holiday weekend.  I still recall sitting by your bed at the hospital praying you would soon be well. I would be stitching on my quilt or doing some embroidery and you would watch me, commenting on how much you loved my work.

I’m still quilting Mom, I enjoy it very much, I’m still making dolls, and as you would expect, life goes on. But I look at life differently now.  We can never get back what we had with you, but I can share memories of you with my grandchildren.  I can remind those I love, “Mom did it this way,”  or if Mom were here we would do it like this.  Your memories will go on forever, I see your face when I look at Olivia, our granddaughter.  She has your spark, I see you in my sister Kathy, who is a very strong young woman.

A lot has changed in five years, some for the better.  We work harder to stay in touch, although it isn’t always easy.  But you would be proud to know that we try.  As I take another stitch in this quilt I think of you, there will always be another quilt, but only one you. I am blessed to have had you in my life and to be your daughter. With all my love.


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