Fabric is what it is


As I sit at the sewing machine preparing another block for a quilt, my eyes wander to a stack of fabrics I set aside to make a doll. There are shades of blue, some red prints along with wool scraps. Next to that is another stack which is for the Civil war reproduction quilt I want to make. Those fabrics I set aside to work on when its cooler outside. I see them as great comfort fabrics for when the snow is blowing.  I know that is not a good thought, snow, but yet it still happens.

I participate in a few quilt sit and stitches where we are always swapping fabrics and scraps, this is like giving away your first born or the all time favorite sweater perhaps. Because I do a variety of sewing projects I don’t know what I need six months from now. I keep lots of little scraps for my dolls dresses, quilt blocks, or scrap quilting. So therefore, I have lots of fabric in many colors, and its great eye candy. If I’m stumped for how to dress a doll or a witch, I can look through numerous fabric bins for inspiration.

It is also a blast, to go on shop hops, all the fabric stores always have great selections to choose from, we get a chance to see whats new and buy more fabric. One might say more fabric, are you kidding.  Of course, some collect shoes or purses, others enjoy sports memorabilia. Me, its fabric. My mother had this theory with clothes or shoes, if you haven’t worn it in six months it needs to go. Well, I will always remember that.  I cleaned out my closet of things I haven’t worn in more than a year and donated them to a very worthy cause to help the homeless. But as for my fabric, I have to ponder that a bit longer before I separate myself. After all, if a rag doll needs a scrappy dress or  I have a need for 30’s fabric, it can most likely be found in my stash. So thanks Mom for the advice, but I can’t apply it to my fabric, and don’t get me started on the buttons or the embellishments, or the crazy quilting. Until next time, I’m adding the finishing touches to my Crazy Winter sampler, it is so pretty.


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