Thorny, you were a special friend


My Indian ringneck bird Thorny went off to bird heaven yesterday.  She was by far one of the sweetest birds, she got so excited to see us whenever we walked in the room. Her little chirp as she expressed how happy she was. She never complained, even when I tried new foods because they were good for her.

If she didn’t like them she just fired them out of her dish, she loved being talked to, we sang to her and she would coo ever so softly. Her bright yellow color was a ray of sunshine every day. After having this bird or a pet in general there is always a feeling of sadness not only because they are gone but so is the voice. All of my pets are loved and give so much love, that the empty cage is a gentle reminder of how precious life is.

I like the motto of living every day to the fullest, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. My pets know this about me, they surround me daily with barks, chirps and meows and their daily chatter. Its reminiscent of growing up in a large family, it was never quiet then either.  I have to think of my other birds and pets who were companions to the one who died.  There is definitely a sadness among my birds that I notice, its hard to wrap my head around that one, it can’t be explained in pet terms.  But we go on, more love, more chatter and think happy thoughts.

Thorny you will be missed,  shine on up in bird heaven, until we meet again.


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