The comforts of home


Its hard to believe we are already half way  through October.  I see pumpkins on porches, witches in trees and some dogs with sweaters.  My dogs aren’t fans of sweaters, as for me I love sweaters, but someone I live with likes to keep the house a bit to warm. I do fine in a t-shirt most of the winter,  until it gets really cold. What I love this time of year  is the natural comforts, flannel pajamas, warm kitties and dogs who love to cuddle.

My dogs and cats are big cuddle pets, my birds are chirping, what a life.  I brought all the houseplants in from outside, a few at a time. I also trimmed and repotted several of them, they were rehomed to new places to live so others could enjoy.  One of those I brought in is my Christmas cactus, it loved it outdoors so much that it has already started to form buds. I love to see the plants in bloom, even those which don’t bloom are looking good.  When the doldrums of winter set in, my plants provide much needed color.

And then there is the quilts. I always have at least five quilts in progress, some being hand-quilted, others on the machine.  And they give tons of color and when finished provide lots of comfort to a long winters night.

Or when simply spending the day on the couch with the dogs, gotta love those dogs. They go well with a pot of hot soup and a good book after the meal. While not looking forward to the cold and snow I do have plenty to keep me busy and warm all winter long.


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