Sunday Morning Sunshine


Ever have one of those mornings when you just want to lay around and soak up the sun coming in the window across the bed. You lie there with the dog, snuggling next to you. Actually he’s taken up most of the bed, he slept so close at your side all night, that your body aches. Yep, happens all the time. My bed could be as big as the ocean and he would still be at my side. All his life he has been in our bed, he believes we are in his bed, but whatever. He has to be against me. I’d be curious to know what he does when I’m not in the bed, I work nights too.
So then I move to the sun coming in the picture window in the diningroom, my plants are cast in the sunlight, its warmth on my back. The calendar says I have places to be today, my flock says in their best attempt, “stay home.” I hear them saying “do it another day,” but alas I move to the kitchen for a must needed second cup of coffee, and a splash of water in my face. Its sure to be another busy week, pumpkins to carve, stories to write, finish the doll, see the grandchildren, and of course there is always work, that dreaded four letter word, but go we must.
The sun is so inviting on this beautiful Sunday morning, Picture Book month is starting in a few days, I’ll need my strength for that too.
I wish for you all to enjoy your day, take in the sun as much as you can, meanwhile I will journey on.


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