Monthly Archives: April 2016

Marathon quilting


I am a crazy quilter, I mean crazy as in get it done. It has been a very busy time these past few weeks. I have been completing ufo’s like there is no end. Then there is the new puppy, when was the last time you trained a puppy.

Because winter decided not to change to Spring until you know when, it was always so cold to put the puppy out side to do his thing. Thank goodness for puppy training pads, but this guy is growing and goes a lot. Finally he goes outside, he is not only cute, he is potty trained.

So while all of this has been going on, and I have been working on a few books and quilting I have also been working on some quilt projects for competition. I love a good challenge.

That is until I almost forgot one, there I was quilting away using a quilt hoop, I don’t like hoops but this was going well. I sat the hoop down to search for more thread when I discovered paperwork for a quilt challenge that I had not even started.  So the marathon quilting was off and running. Now my next few days were booked solid and not a moment to spare. I ran off to visit a friend, I let her know what I was doing, admitted that I must be crazy, but alas for the next four days stitched, cut, sewed and stitched some more. This was not an easy challenge but I am happy and relieved to say it is complete.

By the way it went out UPS this morning, on its way to North Carolina. The work on my book continues and the next quilt challenge isn’t due for a few weeks. And yes I will get it done, sooner rather than later.