My four seasons quilt


I have really enjoyed working on this quilt challenge, I get myself involved in a few challenges each year. This one is all about the four seasons in Michigan. It’s hard to imagine, do we really experience four seasons. It’s hard to identify in a quilt I think, unless the quilt is four feet wide and ten feet tall.

But alas, it is much smaller, I have shed some light on each of the four seasons in my crazy quilt. My quilt guild chose the theme, set some guidelines, and a deadline. I like deadlines for that reason, I know getting involved with the challenge what I’m up against, how much time I have to do it. Then I need to have a game plan. This is when I can get really creative with different threads, fabrics and fibers. But then I ask myself, about halfway through, did I take on to much. Can I finish it.

Crazy quilting is one of my absolute favorite forms of quilting, but it takes a lot of room and time. When I say room, it is like the whole dining room table. I need the space to pick beads, buttons, lace, oh my it is endless. There is so much to choose from,  but these are big decisions. Orange lace, blue buttons, the bird or the turtle, how will I know.

That’s just it, with any crazy quilt I have made I find it hard to know when it is really done. There is always room for one more bead or flower. My puppy sits under the table waiting for me to move, perhaps towards the back door with my shoes on for his daily walk. Yes of course, we will go, I could use the break from all the choices to be made. And I may get some inspiration for another quilt, oh of course there is always another quilt. I love to quilt. 

This four seasons quilt is ready to be quilted. I’m ready for it to be done, my Sunbonnet Sue quilt needs to be completed and many more. I can only say follow my blog, check me out on Facebook  to see a few little snapshots until the big reveal.


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