Quilts of Promise


Off to work I go, it’s Sunday morning. I’m looking forward to the day, the sunshine and fresh air, the birds are chirping contently. After my shift, I am eager to get home and walk my dogs. They are waiting, those little feet of my puppy dance back and forth until we are out the gate.

I’m anxious to get some flower bulbs in, get my hands in the soil, let the growing begin. There are Canna bulbs, Begonia and Calla to plant and a few others. The dogs, back from their walk are roaming the yard, playful and glad to be spending time outside. I visit the greenhouse, where a huge bumblebee greets me buzzing around.  Once he escapes I start planting some bulbs. My knee is rebelling, but I push onward, there is much to be done today.

I refill my coffee cup and now I’m charged up and ready to rock and roll, yes that’s correct. Rock and roll right down to my sewing room to quilt. I’m working on three different quilts at one time. I actually make it a goal to stitch on each quilt every day until they are complete. As far as I’m concerned a day without quilting is not a complete day, I live to quilt. So call me crazy but I get it done. So there I sit working on the floral embroidered quilt which is in the hoop. My puppy wants in my lap under the hoop, he’s whimpering, let me in. But it isn’t working out in his favor, I’m still wearing my scrub top from work, he crawls inside of it and there he stayed for the next two hours while I quilted.  Now that’s what a mom does, makes room for baby.

It was time to take a break from that quilt and work on Sunbonnet Sue, the outer border is nearly complete and I need to cut the binding.  It will be prints from the 30’s to match the other fabrics. I took this quilt outside and sat with the dogs in the yard, what a lovely afternoon it was.  Once dinner was finished, I tackled my crazy quilt that I’m doing for the guild challenge. It is pretty cool, very colorful and I’m excited about it, I’ll be thrilled when it is done. Tomorrow is another day, I’m excited, but first I will rest my aching knee and sleep. Stay tuned to see the completed quilts very soon.


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