Monthly Archives: September 2016

Bailey, I miss you


What a lovely fall day this is. I was out early walking my dogs, the fresh air in my face. Anticipating my first cup of coffee and the blank page.  With too many years behind me, I had dreams of one day writing a book about my birds. I actually did start the writing process, I have several chapters of the first draft written. Then work got in the way, my mom and sister were both sick, there just didn’t seem like a right time to spend working on it. So I put it aside.

Then came another writing workshop and I brought out the half done pages of the book. I loved what I had completed but once again I let life and work get in the way. But why did I have so many regrets about not finishing the book. Maybe because my love of quilting took over. I was sewing and quilting non-stop. I’m programmed to quilt, and ideas are everywhere.

I’ve always been a writer, the ideas are everywhere and I go to workshops. I admit to having many interests and passions that carry me away. One of those passions is my pets, let me just put this out there, get it off my chest. Bailey, my baby, the love of my life, my African gray. He made every day wonderful, such a sweet bird who thought he was human. When he took his last breath, it was gut wrenching. The pain of losing him is still there, like losing my mom and my sister.  Bailey was family. Not only did I lose Bailey but my other birds lost a good friend. My Harvey, my Amazon parrot felt the loss as much as I did. Grief and loss are a big part of living with pets because they are your family. I know now that is why I stop working on the novel, that chapter hasn’t been written.

Time has passed and I think, no I know I can get it done. It won’t be easy but I will get it done. My non-fiction novel is back on my radar and I will see it finished. One day soon I will be able to type, The End. I’m excited. Bailey wherever you are my love, I miss you every day.