A Quilters hands getting dirty


Recently while getting ready for another craft show, I was putting the finishing touches on a small quilt that I would be adding to the inventory. I had a long list of things to do that Friday before the show, one of them was to water my plants. One of my african violets was displaying for me the prettiest pink bloom. I had not seen a bloom on any of them in several weeks. One of the older violets seemed to be struggling a bit. 

       When I examined its roots, I knew why. It was in a pot too large, I had read somewhere they like to be in close quarters, sort of like me and my sisters growing up. I decided it was a good time to examine all of the violets because the others weren’t blooming either. I rolled up my sleeves, gathered some pots from a friend, and made room to get to work. Well in order to accomplish this task without to many interruptions I took my dogs for a walk first. The fresh air was a welcome break in the day, the birds were chirping, there were plenty of leaves down. The fact that it is November gave me a gentle reminder that at this time last year, the leaves were covered in snow.

When I got back home I refilled my coffee cup and set out to give my violets a new and better home. I know….its a dirty job but so necessary for the life of the plant. Two and a half hours later, all the violets in the bay window in my kitchen look much healthier and happy. I ventured into the diningroom and took a look at some violets there, these were much newer plants but they needed a slightly larger pot to grow in. African violets don’t have a large root base, even though they may look like a bigger pot is the better choice. I have learned, smaller is better.

           I must have been too long away from my dog, he was jumping at me. He wanted his mama and it was time for me to take a break.  I picked him up, gave him some love and turned to stare at my work. My bay window looked rather spacious, what with all the plants in the proper pots. I intend to do more transplanting over the holiday. But for now my dog and I have discovered an empty chair where he will sleep and I will take a few stitches in my quilt project. Is it any wonder that the design in the quilt is flowers. I like to think of it as a thing of beauty.


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