Monthly Archives: March 2018

Idle hands


I feel sort of in between projects right now. There are several almost done, that just need a bit of tweaking, and many more that will be done soon. A bit of wool here and there, a few flowers and I’m good to go.

But then there are the writing projects, those are really taking up a lot of time. Who ever said writing is easy is so wrong. I’m currently sticking with two projects which are both novels.  One is my YA novel, I’m half way through, which is farther than I have got in a first draft in quite some time.

The other is adult fiction which I’m happy to say is also half done. These characters are in my head, they speak to me. Writers write, I write daily. I take advantage of snippets of time some days. Other days when there are no interruptions I can write for longer  periods and knock off two or more chapters.

My birds are chirping in the background, so happy and the words just fly one after another. Today however, the words didn’t come. I said a final good bye to someone very special. That is all for now. God bless and enjoy the sunshine.