Now I know why it takes so long to write a story. Every time I sit and get comfortable I’m surrounded by my pet companions. I guess after a long day they just want to say Hi.  They take over the couch, my lap, the notebook. It’s hard enough to find the time to write, something always gets in the way, work, like, more work.

Now my dog is mad at me because the cats have taken over the couch, and there’s no room for him. In a minute, he will succeed at making me feel guilty and I’ll have to move everything to let him in.  He won’t be happy until I do. I’m currently working on my young

adult novel and several picture book manuscripts. This is the year my books will be published. I guarantee it.

Happy New Year to you all, I’m going back to my writing.  Oh and making room on the couch for Charlie.


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